According to the News Times, the Salvation Army thrift store is back on Main Street in Danbury in the same location at 128 Main Street. The report states that the thrift store closed back in 2016 because of parking issues. All is well now, they say they are open for business and stocked with clothing, furniture and jewelry.

Here is how I found out the Salvation Army on Main Street closed, I went there in 2017 and walked up and pulled on the door. I said, "when the hell did this happen?" Now I know, 2016.

I love the Salvation Army and here is why: I get t-shirts for a dollar. For many years, I did not buy one t-shirt in a retail store. Who the hell wants to spend 20-30 dollars on a t-shirt at The Gap because it's distressed? You want truly distressed t-shirts that no one else will have? You go to the Salvation Army.

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