Did this rusted out Zamboni smooth over the ice at Whaler games over twenty years ago?

Even after the Hartford Whaler's demise twenty years ago, diehard Whaler fans still cling to the possibility that their beloved hockey team may return to Connecticut.

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According to fanaticsinc.com., Whalers gear is the top seller among vintage franchises and even though the team had only 3 winning seasons between 1979-1997, their fan base remains strong. So, back to the rusted out Zamboni with the Whaler's logo. Let's roll the videotape.

As it turns out this Zamboni never resurfaced the ice at any of the Hartford Whaler games according to Paul Cooney, the Brand Manager of Zamboni who told WFSB-TV that the serial numbers just don't match up to the machines that were used on Whaler ice.

The bottom line is that the Hartford Whalers did and still do have a dedicated fan base but not enough fans bought tickets to legitimize their stay in Hartford. If you're searching for authentic licensed Whalers gear, click on fanatics.com.


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