It was not a bold prediction on our part. It was the worst kept secret in the world. She tried to fake us all out last week at the airport when she said she would not be in attendance at WWE's Royal Rumble. Then she was.

Ronda Rousey showed up in surprise fashion at the Royal Rumble and the crowd went wild. Ronda, according to FOX News, has inked a deal with the WWE and now wrestling fans will be seeing a lot of her leading up to Wrestle Mania. Why am I all the sudden caring about Wrestling you say? What else do I have going on?

Why not get interested in the WWE when the rest of TV is pretty lame. I'll have to find a friend who buys all of the Pay-Per View events but that should not be so hard. I do like Ronda Rousey. I like pile drivers, Boston crabs, etc. It's time for an escape, and I think the WWE can provide that.

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