According to the Washington Post, robot therapy is now the newest thing psychological care. Woebot is one of many, new application based technologies that has come to replace human therapists.

The idea is that some people feel uncomfortable with sharing their feelings with a human being who has the potential to be judgmental. People are more likely to be honest I would imagine.

It sounds great on paper. I've been in a therapy session or two. While I can definitely say I've never encountered, inappropriate judgement from a therapist, I've seen an eye roll or two. No matter how professional a therapist is, they are bound to have an off day. Their off day could make you feel judged, uncomfortable or just like a downright bad person.

Enter the robot therapists. You know they will never repeat what you tell them, won't roll their eyes and they will never fall asleep. Sounds great, sign me up. That is the way to go unless you see their end game.

They want your secrets, fears and inadequacies. They want them to use against you. They will take your stuff and upload it to the network of info they are gathering on us all. They will destroy us all. So, if you are into a bleak future where self aware robots roam the streets stealing our women and precious metals then by all means talk to a robot therapist.

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