We've been doing a contest where we're giving away a Brew Card for a flight of beer at 13 different local CT and NY Breweries. Just for fun, and without turning it into a "Vote For Your Favorite Brewery" competition, we asked at the bottom of the form which local beer was your favorite. While you can still enter to win your very own brew card, here are our highly unscientific results so far.

Tim Sheehan
Tim Sheehan

A total of 21 different breweries were mentioned as a favorite by listeners who entered the contest. The winner, by one mention, was New Milford's Housatonic River Brewing. Stratford's Two Roads came in second. It actually was a dead heat, except that one person mentioned Lawson's Sip of Sunshine, which is a Vermont beer that happens to be brewed at Two Roads.

After that, the favorites were:
Black Hog
Bad Sons
Bad Dream
Bull & Barrel
Thimble Island
Charter Oak
Reverie (Pretty impressive considering they've only been open a couple of weeks!)
Broken Symmetry
Nod Hill
Iron Brewing
Kent Falls
Fox Farm
Stony Creek
Industrial Arts
Mill House
Fox Farm
Two Way Brewing

That's a good list, and proof that our listeners know their beer. It got me thinking about my perfect flight of local beers, and I think it would go something like this. Your mileage may vary, and my ideal list changes all the time:
Atomic Moz from Housatonic
Doobious from Bad Sons
Geobunny from Nod Hill (it's just fun to say Geobunny)
Royal Charter Pale Ale from Charter Oak
Squirrel Awareness Month from Bad Dream. I think they're out of this one but we're talking hypothetical here. If they are indeed out, we'll go with Black Hog Lager.

I could pick several more, but most places give you 4 or 5 in a flight.

Did anyone miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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