Most know that the movie Stanley & Iris, starring Jane Fonda and Robert De Niro, was filmed in my hometown of Waterbury, Connecticut in 1988. But, did you know De Niro and Fonda appeared at a meet & greet for local Vietnam Veterans at Quassy in Middlebury?

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I saw a rerun of Stanley & Iris recently, and it made my heart ache seeing Waterbury as it was. Waterbury in 1988 was perfect for the setting of Stanley & Iris, although many have been brought down, those industrial factories looked ok then. Waterbury's industrial past perfectly conveyed the blue collar/salt of the earth vibe of the movie, along with hundreds of residents hired to portray locals and factory workers. Here's the classic trailer -

I remember driving by the set a few times on South Main, they were shooting the exterior of the old Waterbury Button Company factory, which had been "Hollywoodized" to 'Nevins and Davis Bakery'. What I really remember though was the "We're Not Fond'a Hanoi Jane" bumper stickers.

During the filming of the movie, De Niro and Fonda appeared at a event at Lake Quassapaug in Middlebury. I wanted to go, but didn't. I just learned today why they were there when I read a wonderful new book called 'Connecticut in the Movies' by Illeana Douglas.

According to the Stanley & Iris chapter of Douglas's 'Connecticut in the Movies',

"Fonda and Robert De Niro worked with Vets Who Care, a Connecticut Vietnam Vets group who held a fund-raising event at Lake Quassapaug."

I remember one of my friends went and got a photo of him and De Niro. I would love to see any if you were lucky enough to be there.

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