It was a simple, and intriguing question.

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On Monday December 5th, 2022, a Reddit user called evilestcake posted the following question to the CT Reddit page: "How to make enemies in Connecticut?" The thread lit up right away and just kept going, these are a few of my favorites:


Fail to f------ floor it when merging onto the Merritt


People actually think ct has mountain lions? I thought that was a joke?


Mountain lions aren’t real. What you’re seeing is a golden retriever bobcat coyote or a house cat. Or just a figment of an addled mind.


They wanna believe in mountain lions so bad they skip the exhibit at the zoo “Keep moving kids, nothing impressive here. We got them at home. See ‘em all the time. Isn’t that right, Honey?”, CT Mom announces to unimpressed visitors at the Bronx Zoo.


When it snows, be that guy that dumps his snow on his neighbors sidewalk after they've cleaned


Go 50 in the far left lane. Never take one of the left hand exits.


Drive a sedan with another state’s plate. Preferably MA.


Comment all the bad things about CT on one post then comment on another post saying that people leaving ct are idiots and that were better off without them


Say: “The Tri-state area is NY, NJ, and PA”


Say you hate the UCONN women's basketball team


Summer here from NYC and steal the lobsters out of our pots!


Talk s--- about Italians and next thing you know they’ll be all up in your grill


Hit someone in the head with a rock from one of our smooth sandy beaches…


Make sure you have at least 5 solid reasons why Hartford having an NHL team was a bad idea in the first place.


Remove muffler


I-84 is a great spot to really make a name for yourself.


Talk to strangers in public places. Bonus points if you ask personal questions.


if you actually use the left lane for passing. the citizens will be f---- outraged

The comments above basically paint a perfect picture of what it's like to live here. Now, if you don't like it, get out!

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