In my book, she's not Carole Baskin, She's Carole F'in Baskin, that is the way Joe Exotic says it and that is the way I choose to.

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However, it's too much to keep writing that over and over, so just imagine it's there every time I mention her name. I was cruising the CT Reddit page when a headline caught my eye, it was very grabby, it read: "Carole Baskin?"

I needed to see, did Carole Baskin come to a PETA event in Westport or Wilton? No, it was just a CT license plate (so hot on Reddit right now), but how many big cat fans could there be in the Nutmeg State? Maybe this was her?

I'd like to believe this was Carole Baskin but I can't know for sure. This got me to thinking about Tiger King Season 2 on Netflix, have you seen it? It's terrible, absolutely awful and not worth the the time you will waste to watch it.

However, there is another spin-off to Tiger King and it is worth your time if you liked the first season, it's called Tiger King "The Doc Antle Story." Doc Antle was one of the featured nut jobs in the first season. In the first season, they briefly examined Doc's sex life but in the spin-off, it's all about this guy, and if the claims are true, he's a creep bag.

If I am being honest with myself, I just want it to be good, I can't know how good it actually is. The first season of Tiger King was the perfect product, at the perfect time. While the story is riddled with criminal activity and tragedy, the main character was such a caricature that we could not take our eyes off the screen.

My absolute favorite part of Tiger King Season 1, were the music videos for the "songs" that Joe Exotic "wrote." We came to find out he didn't write them or sing them but they were both radio friendly and hilarious. Here are my favorite Joe Exotic bangers in order:

1. Here Kitty Kitty

Joe's obsession with Carole Baskin ran so deep.

2. This is my life

I'm a fan of any video where someone sits on a bridge and contemplates life. Also, if "this is your life", your life is a disaster.

3. Pretty Woman Lover

This is easily the worst song that has ever had a music video.

Below is the funniest thing you will ever see if you have a sense of humor.

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