According to the NY Post a Washington D.C. area raccoon has been captured but not before attacking three people. The raccoon was rabid and was "targeting" victims in the Northwest Washington Neighborhood known as Chevy Chase. Two pets were also attacked in the spree of violence. The animal was eventually captured and the department says it was humanely euthanized.

You like scary movies? Lemme tell you what, I had a bee in my hair the other day and didn't realize it, I knew something didn't feel right and finally reached up to see what was what. This is when I found a live bee digging around in my scalp. I managed to avoid getting stung, I humanely euthanized the bee but I am not proud of some of the noises I made upon discovery of the critter. It was a scary/gross combo.

Now forget bees, imagine you are strolling in your neighborhood and you see the harmless raccoon just nibbling away, enjoying nature. He/She sees you and in very uncharacteristic manner it charges right for you. You are gonna poop. THIS, THIS IS WHAT FEAR LOOKS LIKE.

Nature is real, keep your head on a swivel.

Chevy Chase neighborhood?

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