For the third time in 30 days, the "WeGo KTV" karaoke bar has been shut down for violating COVID-19 regulations. NYC Sheriff's deputies performed a raid on the Flushing Queens bar on Sunday (10/5/20) and allegedly found more than 40 mask-less party-goers.

More than a dozen staff members were cited or fined for violating indoor dining laws. According to the NY Post, an employee had been letting customers in through the front door and then locking it behind them which is a fire code violation.

Police say during the investigation, they found wine, beer and liquor, even though the location had its liquor license pulled last month. In addition to the alleged staff violations, authorities say that two customers were arrested for possession of ketamine. Cops say this sting operation was one of six in the last month on karaoke bars in Flushing.

What the hell, Queens!? How bad do you need to sing right now that there have been six sting operations in Flushing alone? I know the Mets suck ass but what is going on? Singing "Downeaster Alexa" is not going to fix the fact that you have the best pitcher in baseball, a solid lineup and still can't make the playoffs. 

Nobody needs to sing Meatloaf songs right now, not during a global pandemic. Stay home, download the "Smule" app and get wild. You will have way more people on Facebook pretend to like your s--- rendition of "Mustang Sally" than they will in the Queens cold spot. 

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