Brian May says he and Queen bandmate Roger Taylor are discussing the idea of touring with Adam Lambert again – but it could be their last.

“There’s a strong possibility that we’ll be going out together again,” May tells Variety. “We’re talking about that as you and I speak, making those decisions. Now, it does get to be more of a decision as you get older. I’m not 35 anymore, and leaving home for two months is not easy. But we feel as like if we’re all fit and well, that we’d like to go out there one more time. It would probably be in the United States in 2023 at some point.”

He described the potential road trip as a “strong possibility” before turning to the question of new music. This collaboration began in 2011, but has never reached the point of writing together – although May guested on one track of Lambert’s 2015 album The Original High.

“I’ve got to tell you it hasn’t happened yet, but we do bring the subject up,” May said. “Generally, when we are together, the live show is all consuming. There isn’t really time to discuss any studio action. We feel as if the live stuff is what the public wants.

“And when we’re not on tour, Adam has his own career — he just gave me some stuff that he’s working on for his next album, and it’s remarkable,” May said. “So, I suppose that the opportunity to make an album together [might not] come up, but I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen.”

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