If you're expecting a new arrival and you live in Putnam County, don't expect to deliver your baby at Putnam Hospital, at least for a while.

Putnam Hospital, serving over 100 thousand people in the Hudson Valley, has shut down their labor and delivery rooms. Effective immediately, Putnam Hospital has to suspend its labor and delivery services due to the fact that CareMount's OB/GYN physicians will no longer be available at the hospital to do any deliveries.

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CareMount and their team of physicians had been providing labor and delivery services at the hospital, so this move makes it temporarily impossible for the hospital to offer that service to its patients. Therefore, they have been forced to suspend that service until further notice while they go in search of a brand new team of doctors and nurses.

According to hamlethub.com, members of the Putnam Hospital and Nuvance Health leadership team told members of the hospital staff about what was going down back in February and also informed everyone that there would be no layoffs due to the change in medical providers. Hospital leadership also announced that the search for new physicians to staff the labor and delivery departments of the hospital will take some time.

Meanwhile during the search for a new staff, CareMount doctors will continue to see patients from their Putnam Hospital offices and they will be providing gynecological surgery, but will no longer be available for any labor and delivery patients.

The hospital is planning on re-staffing the labor and delivery department and then reopening it as a smaller birthing center for low risk pregnancies.

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