According to the NewsTimes two women were arrested after an undercover investigation in Bethel, CT into prostitution at a massage parlor and motel.

Local officials say they were tipped off to possible illegal sex activities in the Bethel area and launched the undercover sting.

The two women, Lilian Dossantos and Sylvia Park, were taken into custody on July 7. Authorities responded to an ad placed in and sprung into action. They, according to the report, sent one undercover officer to the Howard Johnson motel on Stony Hill Road and the other to MI Therapy Spa located on Elizabeth Street. The ladies of the night allegedly offered sex acts in exchange for cash and that, I hear, is illegal.

Both women were released on bond and await a court date.

This begs so many questions:

  • Bethel? Really? Bethel is a sleepy, well-to-do New England town -- I thought.
  • How do publications like stay in business? How are they not subject to legal action? These types of magazines are the middle man for this stuff.
  • How much? No, seriously. Just out of curiosity, how much could a Bethel hooker cost? Are they higher end? Lower end? I just don't know. Do you?

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