Any news is good news when it comes to the testing of a possible new cancer drug. From Hearst Connecticut Media comes word that the biotechnology company, Arvinas Inc., located in New Haven, is in the process of developing two potentially 'blockbuster' cancer-fighting drugs.

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The drugs are specifically targeted for fighting breast and prostate cancer. Originally, Arvinas was seeking $250 million in its stock offering, but after clinical data was released during Phase 1 trials, the stock became increasingly popular, rising to a $400 million offer.

Every year almost 180,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to the company website, The good news is that clinical trials have begun for a new drug to combat prostate cancer. These clinical trials are essential to help determine whether a new treatment is both safe and effective. If you're interested in participating in any clinical trial, reach out to your physician and let them know.

A portion of the money raised will benefit the advancement of the cancer drug ARV 471 from Phase I trials to Phase II. Also in its Phase I trial is the prostate drug, ARV 110. In their trial stage, both of these drugs will be put through what is called a 'combination study' when another drug is used to test how they interact with each other, which is the standard of care when treating a disease.

So far, the results have been positive. AR-110's Phase 1 trial's continued treatment shows encouraging signs of anti-tumor activity in prostate cancer patients. Some patients are showing reductions of over 50%.

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