Mark Boughton and Roberto Alves.

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One is the former Danbury Mayor, a Republican who was elected to office ten times. The other is a first-term Democratic Mayor. What could these two possibly be working on one-month into Alves' tenure? They teamed up for a comedic social media moment where Boughton attempted to steal more than the limelight.

The following video was posted to @mayoralves on January 5th, 2024.


This is a brilliant way to move forward and unite people, using the universal language of comedy. I love their acting. Both guys really came across in a very believable way. I love the concept, the setup was brilliant, this is a win for everyone. If I had to guess, this whole thing was Taylor O'Brien's idea. Taylor is Mayor Alves' Chief of Staff, a former Boughton staffer and a PR wizard.

Since this is my wheelhouse, I do have a few notes. I think they said too much. This would have been the script if I wrote it:

Alves: "Mark, we talked about this!"

Boughton: "Sorry." 

It's very close to what they did but the point would be made in a punchier, more shareable manner. By minimizing the script you're challenging the actors to get more creative with their body language and facial expressions. Who knows what wonderful choices they would have made if they didn't have to deliver those complex lines? I also would have had Mark sucking on a massive lollipop, the giant ones you get at the fair.

But what do I know? I've only been writing jokes for 25 years. Fellas, my phone is always on for both of you. If I was going to do some politicking I would have called you for advice.

UPDATE: Taylor O'Brien was not the one behind the video, it was Communications Director Francesca Capodilupo who was responsible. 

Francesca Capodilupo

I'm told Francesa is not delighted with my article or my notes. Welcome to knowing me Francesca, it only gets harder from here. Capodilupo, nice Irish girl we should get along splendidly.

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I almost missed the bonus Gene Eriquez cameo at the end.


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