Police officers never deserve to be treated with disrespect when all they're trying to do is their job.

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Here's what happened according to police, it was early on a Tuesday morning, and Bridgeport police were on patrol when they came upon a large group of adults gathered on Park Avenue and Olive Street. The group appeared to be violating pandemic restrictions by not wearing masks. Police said they ordered the large group to disperse immediately, which they all did except for 32-year-old Sara Cox.

Corner of Park Ave. and Olive St. in Bridgeport - Instant Google
Corner of Park Ave. and Olive St. in Bridgeport - Instant Google

Police reported that Cox was drinking what they thought was a can of beer. When she finished the last sip, she hurled the can into the street, at which point the officers demanded she pick it up.

Not only did she not pick it up as ordered, but she pulled down her pants and peed on the sidewalk. Sound like a keeper to me! The officers called for backup and then attempted to handcuff Ms. Cox, where she rewarded them by spitting and punching them. The officers at the scene told Hearst Connecticut Media that she claimed she was HIV positive and had just fired up some crack cocaine.

Cox, while sitting in a jail cell, refused offers of help for drug or mental health treatment saying she would prefer to "serve time."

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