Robert Somley is the Monroe, CT man who made "Missed Headlines" and national headlines for his alleged voyeurism crime. He's the landscaper who police say refused to delete a video of a sex act with an unnamed local woman.

Now, according to the News Times, he's in legal trouble for the third time in a month, this time on gun charges. We will get to that, but first, let's back dat' ass up and start at the beginning. The story goes like this. These are ALL of the current allegations:

  • He and the woman are moving stuff out of his home.
  • He takes a break.
  • She checks to see where he is.
  • She finds him masturbating.
  • She leaves the self pleasure scene.
  • She returns to self pleasure scene.
  • He's still in the middle of the act, but now he's using maple syrup and jam (I'd like to think these were local, organic products, but one can only hope)
  • She's into it, it's a "turn on" and she gets involved in the sex act.
  • When all is said and done, she says she finds out he had video of the act.
  • She asks him to delete it.
  • He allegedly refuses.

That's when he was arrested on the voyeurism charge and it was Part 1 of this story. Then he gets MORE charges for witness tampering. He, according to the police contacted the woman who had charges against him. That was your Part 2.

Part 3 is now. Police say Somley's latest and greatest accomplishment is that he was found to be in illegal possession of an unregistered AK-47 and high capacity magazines. Charges on charges on charges. Someone caught a case.

Legal issues aside, this dude is so hot right now. He's got all of CT talking and captivated the world. I know I can't wait to see what he'll do next. If Vegas starts to  weigh in, you can probably get 4,000 to 1 odds he'll go bible shopping. That's a bet you make just in case. Those odds pay off big should this guy surprise us all.

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