Warning, this is a delicate subject. How would you feel if a crematorium was built in your neighborhood? That would be the business of burning human remains. According to the News-Times, all Mitch Gross wanted to do was open an antique car showroom at the Francis J. Clarke Business Park in Bethel. Mitch had no idea his neighbor, Shawn McLoughlin, was planning a crematorium business and that the town had been reviewing the application for several months. Mitch says that if the application is approved, he simply is not going to move to that location.

No one wants to think about a business in their neighborhood that burns human remains.


The applicant, Shawn McLoughlin, owns Monocrete which produces a variety of products, including burial vaults at 12 Trowbridge Dr. and now would like to add a crematorium.

One of the leading opponents of the project, Paula Antolini told the News-Times, "This is a disaster!"

She's created an online petition at Change.org called "Don't let the dead kill the living."

Ms. Antolini says she has read many articles about the environmental risks concerning toxic vapors getting into the water supply. Mr. McLoughlin, who did his own research, disputes those claims. He also said the changing funeral industry has led more people to opt for cremation instead of burial because it's less expensive.

Mr. McLoughlin told the News-Times, "I'm just trying to run my business before it starts going downhill."

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