It rains here in Connecticut. I am finding this out very quickly and that means there are precious few days you can journey out to your favorite golf course to play a round with some buddies.

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When I thought of the idea of writing this article, it was, of course, raining and I was cleaning up my golf clubs in hopes of swinging them a few times. The rain was preventing the usual thing golfers would do, play golf. But there are alternatives when mother nature has other ideas for you and your weekend. We did some exploring and found some places around Connecticut that can accommodate a dedicated golfer on a rainy day.

Shiseido Ladies Open - Round One
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I have never played golf inside before or used a simulator of any kind, except Tiger Woods video games, but they definitely do not count. Indoor golf simulators have been around for a while and the technology has been improved upon over and over to make it as real as it can possibly be, without, you know, being real. Most simulators will have you swinging your clubs in a "bay" and hitting an actual golf ball into netting or some sort of target hanging from the ceiling. Computers will do all the calculations that it sees in your swing and displays the outcome on a large screen or monitor. You may slice it into the water hazard or land it softly on the green, three feet from the cup.

London Golf Show 2005
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Golf simulators and all-season driving ranges are great ways to keep your game of golf from getting rusty and it's good exercise, not to mention a lot of fun without losing any golf balls. Here are a few places to keep your golf game in tip-top shape with any weather.

Danbury, Connecticut Area All-Weather Golf Driving Ranges

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