You have a lot of choices where to lay your weary head at hotels in Connecticut, and some are much more beautiful than others. If you're the type that will pay quadruple the average rate, you could wake up in a room with a helicopter inside it, or sleep inside a room that has been there since 1776.

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Three are located along the Connecticut shoreline, while the other two are hidden among the hills of Litchfield County. How much will the most expensive room run you? Over $1,100, but wait til you see the view inside the room.

Picture-Perfect Getaways: Connecticut's Top 5 Most Beautiful Hotels

The average price for an average hotel room is $120 a night, but if you pay a little more, say quadruple, you won't hear the hum of traffic on I-84 all night at one of these. Here are the top 5 most beautiful hotels, resorts, and spas in Connecticut

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The Five Most Expensive Connecticut-Related Products on Amazon

Ah Connecticut, even our gifts are expensive. I love searching Amazon, there are millions of products from all over the world at your fingertips. I searched the word 'Connecticut', and most products cost under $40. What were the five most expensive Connecticut-related products I found? Here you go -

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A Closer Look at the Cutest Mural Along Rt. 44 in Connecticut

If you travel along Rt. 44 in East Canaan, Connecticut, a local business is covered by a beautiful work of art that makes me smile every time I pass by. Have a look at the exterior of the Pooch Palace Resort dog lovers, I'm sure you'll smile too.

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