According to Fox News the city of Philadelphia will celebrate the Eagles big victory today with a parade through the city. The city estimates that 2 million people will be in attendance. As I write this it is 9 AM, the parade does not start until 11 AM and this is video from from the parade route hours ago.

According to many media outlets there were thousands of people camped out along the route last night, many schools are closed for the event. It's, to say the least, going to be a "S" show.

If you like funny stories, read the Philly papers tomorrow morning because you will likely read some of the funniest things that will be available all year. The debauchery is going to the stuff of legend. You have 50 plus years of waiting for this moment from a fan base that is famous for it's lunacy.

Tomorrow the only "funny papers" in the country will come out of one city.

Predictions for parade:

  • Over 1,300 drunken disorderly arrests
  • Public urination tickets will be over 11,000
  • There will be 2-6 fires set for no reason
  • 2 members of the Eagles organization will swear during their speech.
  • These are locks. Book it.


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