Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman formerly of "Parks and Recreation" will reunite to host a new reality show on NBC. Amy played Leslie Knope on the hit sitcom and Nick played Ron Swanson, Leslie's boss. Now they are game show hosts on the new project titled: "Making It."


The show will have contestants doing crafts of all kinds. They will be crafting things out of fabric, wood, metal, etc. Their creations will be judged and winners will win and losers will lose, blah, blah, blah.

Listen, I'm going to watch because I love both Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. I am also going to watch because believe it or not I do like seeing what humans are capable of creating with their hands.

I would like to say though that these networks need to stop teasing us with projects like this. Just bring back "Parks and Recreation." That is something that viewers would go nuts over, myself included. We have exhausted all the good ideas in the world. Our only good options now are to rehash the ones that were the absolute best.

Bring these back with ORIGINAL CAST MEMBERS in this order:

  • Seinfeld - This was teased by Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen Degeneres when Jerry recently appeared on her talk show. I found it to be a rude thing to do. We know it's not coming back so don't joke about it. Seinfeld fans like myself get very hurt by your callous disregard for our feelings.
  • The Office - This is supposed to be coming back but it's sounding like many of the original cast members WILL NOT return.
  • Parks and Recreation - I have not heard any rumors about this but I'm willing to listen.
  • Cheers - Could you imagine? I can, I have. It will never be back.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond - I don't think Ray wants to work.

Bring em' back or let's all just keep doing what we are doing cause it's going great. "Making It" comes to NBC on July 31st.


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