I can't stop watching Discovery Channel shows about finding gold, I'm obsessed. I want them all to come dig up Connecticut: I want Freddy and Juan-O to rescue a mine in Thomaston, Tony Beets to dredge the Naugatuck River, and for Parker's Trail to lead to New Milford, but it will never happen.

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To be honest, Connecticut sucks at gold. Think about it, have you ever seen someone panning for gold in any stream in this state? A dredge, or a trommel & wash plant in operation? Nope. Connecticut does have gold, but there's not enough of it to interest the big operations. Connecticut has never has a gold rush, the only state close to us that even registers on the US States that produce gold scale is Pennsylvania. Nevada, California, Arizona, Alaska, and Colorado are the top gold producing states in the US.

If you search Gold in Connecticut, there are a few hints that people have tried. According to Raregoldnuggets.com reports that Leadmine Brook, which is just North of Thomaston on the Naugatuck River, has been known to produce gold. The article also names the Farmington River North of Hartford as a good spot to try, and another Naugatuck River tributary - Spruce Brook, which is South of Naugatuck, as an area to try.

The New York Times actually ran a story in 1990 about a gold hunter's adventures along the Farmington River, and the tiny flakes of Connecticut gold that were found back in the day.

I think it's safe to say that the Hoffman and Ness crews won't be dragging Big Red through Ansonia anytime soon, but we can hope.

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