Ned "The Head" "Needle Nose" Ned. Ned Ryerson.

Ya know, he did the whistling belly button trick at the high school talent show. You are welcome for this. Share it like it's hot.


Beat me — come up with a better nickname for Nedward Lamont. BTW, I am going to be relentless with this guy. Let's just say chef does NOT recommend. (I'm Chef) I smelled Ned Lamont coming from a mile away and it was a bad smell. It was dead raccoon in a dumpster on an August day smelly.

He can take these tolls and go scratch, for reals. You want money, "Johnny LaMontaine?" How bout you legalize the wacky weed? AND/OR you can legalize sports betting.

Massachusetts has cars crashing into one another trying to get in there to get their left handed cigarettes and Jersey is raking it in with the sports gambling. Ned wants to be last to the table, last in line and for what? We are going there anyway, everyone is.

Get right, Ned "The Head."

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