I had a great time this past weekend with my son Louis as we celebrated his 10th birthday, and I found my favorite new game. I took him out for what is a tradition is our house. On the kids' birthdays, I take them shopping for "Daddy Day."

They have a set number they can spend on their gift, and we go shopping for that gift. Louis and I hit the stores and he got just what he wanted — a new "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game. He also got more than he bargained for.

While driving in the car, I saw a Chili's restaurant and started singing the "Baby Back Ribs" song. After about 3 minutes of this, he begged me to stop, and I did. Then we got to the store and did some shopping. I waited for just the right moment.

I waited until we were around a large group of shoppers, a big crowd, and started singing the "Baby Back Ribs" song at the top of my lungs. He was, of course, embarrassed, but laughed like a hyena while running for cover. I have become that dad. Now, it's time for me to go out of the house wearing slippers and black socks, and the transformation will be complete.

I woke him up early today and had him join Ethan and I to talk about our shopping experience. Here's how that went:

I love you, Lou. Happy Birthday.

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