One of my favorite beverages from the glorious 80s is on the way back to the marketplace in the coming weeks. The Original New York Seltzer is already available online, and should show up in the next couple of weeks at area retailers. Costco in Waterbury and "Hard-Hittin" New Britain, and Bagel Emporium in Armonk and Chappaqua are the closest places listed on the company's website.

If you were born after 1992, you missed out on these delicious seltzers. They disappeared from the market in the early 90s. Original New York Seltzers were way ahead of their time. No preservatives, artificial colors, or caffeine. These are not zero calorie seltzers, that's why I think I loved them so much. I recently wrote a blog about Polar Seltzer, which are a big reason that I'm trying to shed my decades-long love affair of Coca Cola.

If you can't wait for Original New York Seltzer to show up in your local market, you can order them right now online at their official website. Click on the link below to get into the fizzy goodness.

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