Often a helping hand up is all you need. There is a local organization that is ready to give you that hand, especially this summer.

I've said this a hundred times. You never know who's in need. Once your neighbor closes their door, is their life a financial struggle, even if it doesn't appear to be? Thankfully there are a myriad of agencies that offer quiet assistance to people.

Operation Fuel is one of those agencies. First they offer a service in winter time that actually prevents households from having their electricity and gas shut off. That assistance ended on the first of May and won't begin again until Nov. 1.

However, Operation Fuel is currently accepting energy assistance applications from people that are in financial crisis and are in danger of having their utilities shut off during the summer months.

The website for the organization says that their Operation Fuel intake sites are ready to help you. To get the assistance you need click on Fuel Bank Finder or you may also call 2-1-1 for energy assistance.

Losing electricity in the hot summer months can wreak havoc on the young and old just as much as the winter months can. Hats off to the help that the nonprofit organization, Operation Fuel  makes available to Connecticut residents.

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