Police in Enid Oklahoma arrested 28 year old Emily Owings last week for allegedly driving with a suspended license and leading them on a high speed chase. Authorities say it started when Owings blew through multiple stop signs according to KFOR.

Cops say after they pulled her over, they realized she had a warrant out for her arrest, was driving with a suspended license and could not produce an I.D. other than her medical marijuana card.

Owings said it was her birthday and said; "I Have to poop so bad." When they would not let her go, she took off and a high speed chase ensued, all of it was caught on the arresting officers body-cam.

Eventually Owings did pullover and surrender to police. When being escorted to the car she asked if she could poop in it (the car). No word on whether she did or not.

I think most of us are willing to admit that being a police officer is an extremely difficult job and there are dangers around every corner. What I don't think we consider enough are situations like this one here.

If she wanted to "eliminate" in the car there is not a damn thing these cops could do to stop her and that is unpleasant at best. If that is your good day at work, your job is a rough one man.

Years ago, I was close to a position as a police officer, very close. I was given what was called a "conditional hire." During the rigorous interview I was asked the same question many different ways, "why do you want to be in law enforcement?" I had good, solid answers and I meant every word of it.

If I were interviewed today and asked the same question, I would say, "I'm not sure I do, I just don't think it's worth it. What if someone poops in my cruiser?"

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