For the sake of the players, and fans, I really hope the Dunkin' Donuts Ballpark in Hartford Connecticut does see the light of day. I'm skeptical, but still hopeful.

Full disclosure. I'm a fan of the New Britain Rock Cats, now the New Britain Bees. The stadium in New Britain Connecticut is great, and the crowds are always enthusiastic. I'm glad that the New Britain Bees still have baseball fans in the seats cheering.

So when the whole debacle went down with the owners of the Rock Cats pulling out of New Britain, it was personal to me. I've blogged about it 15 times since April of 2015, with the most recent one: Connecticut's Yard Goats Stadium Price Tag Grows Even Larger on Dec. 7, 2016.

The home opener for the Hartford Yard Goats is April 13. The team want that to be in the park that lured them away from New Britain in the first place. In a story just published on officials say they are confident that Dunkin' Donuts Park will be ready for that home opener. As with any major construction project there are starts and stops as issues crop up. But if you've been following the progress of Dunkin' Donuts stadium you know it's been a horror story.

So while officials say it'll be ready, as you can see from the story in the Hartford Courant it is down to the wire. There is no wiggle room, no extra time for any more problems to crop up. If I was a betting person, I'd say those aren't odds I'd take.

For the lovers of the game though, I hope I write my next blog titled: The Hartford Yard Goats Play Home Opener, April 13, Finally At Home.

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