For Office and a Gentleman, we had listeners nominate a loved one to receive an i95 Valentine's Day prize pack. We had four winners this year. Scott, Joe, Wendy and Yira.

The stories that their loved ones told us were both heartwarming and funny. We got a chance to get out of the office and go meet these people to deliver their prizes in person.

I want to thank out great sponsors for Office and a Gentleman. Thank you to Dawn's Pizzazz, thanks to Driscoll's Florist, Two Steps and Fascia's Chocolates. Without their help, we could not have done this.

It was great meeting each and every one of our winners yesterday. We look forward to doing it again next year. So, if you are like me, and you procrastinate for Valentine's Day, you can just rely on us here at i95.

All you gotta do is hit the website and nominate away next year. For now, check out what I got my wife for Valentine's Day:

Lou Got Ethan a Valentine's Day Facial

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