I left a meeting on Main Street Tuesday afternoon and wandered into my local Walgreens to grab a beverage. That's when I see what appears to be man's "manhood" on the sidewalk.

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I kicked it, as many will do when they see an out-of-context depiction of this specific portion of the male anatomy, but it wouldn't budge -- this thing was stubborn. I'd hoped that someone had created the phallus for a limited time only.

Sometimes, you can recreate a male's twig and berries with a water gun and it will disappear or a strange man can destroy its image by ninja-kicking it with his foot on the Walgreens sidewalk. No such luck this time. This is full-time junk. This bologna box will have to be removed with a chemical solution.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

How are we supposed to bring Danbury back to her glory days if we can't stop hooligans from tattooing these obscene things on her face!? We can't. That is the answer -- we just can't.

This isn't the first unnecessary Danbury penis (so many people nodding), this is becoming an epidemic. There are images like today's, made with some sort of a paint, and also a rash of other "Peters" left all over Danbury.

Don't believe me? Maybe you don't remember the great 7/11 phallic caper of 2020? Someone crudely displayed that "hog" on top of a garbage can, right outside the store, and people just kept ignoring it. How can you walk by and do nothing? If you did, you are complicit. You are just as bad as the person who walked to the garbage can, with the giant thing wiggling in your hand, and suctioned it to the top of the container. Shame on you.

When can we stop this "ding-dong" crime spree? Who has the guts to stand up to these criminals, and say "no" ? Who will say "no more errant penises. Not here, not now, not ever." Is it you?

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