A new article appeared in the New York Post yesterday morning (10/15/20) about the NYC flee. It's just one of many, recent articles about the mass exodus from Manhattan to more rural areas. This particular piece was about a couple who left the city for Maine, but we can see here in CT, what's happening all around us.

Property values are skyrocketing and we all have some new neighbors, but what aren't we looking at? We are not forecasting the long-term impact it will have on our local Greater Danbury communities. Here are some things you might want to consider that I've been thinking of:

They will become voters and have a say in local politics. The same people that elected Bill DeBlasio, the worst Mayor in the history of NYC. - ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND TERRIFYING 

They will want to retrofit the area to their consumer needs. They might open Kombucha shops or stores that sell expensive leather shoes but no socks. - A JOKE BUT PROBABLY TRUE 

Since they are not used to transporting themselves from place to place, they will want to expand public transportation. You think Main Street Danbury is dangerous to travel now? Wait until there are electric/share bikes weaving in and out of traffic. - A JOKE BUT PROBABLY TRUE 

Home/condo/apartment rental prices go through the roof. The new residents who decide to rent can and will price existing renters out of the area. These are folks who are used to paying ungodly numbers for small rentals. - ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND TERRIFYING 

You see where my head is? All I am thinking about is how this impacts my future. Will I have to move and commute here? Will I have my foot run over by an electric bike on Main Street? Will I have to look at a man wearing an over-sized denim jacket?

The answer to all of the above, is yes if the trend keeps up.

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