Comedian and radio host Jim Norton is coming to Ridgefield, CT tomorrow night (02/23/24).

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Norton will be in town for his gig at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Jim joined us on the  Tuesday (2/20/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show to promote the gig and talk about standup comedy in a social media world.

Dave: The art of comedy has been under attack for the past two years. How do you see audiences as different now? Are they as angry as we hear? 

Jim: "It's been happening a lot longer than just two years. It's not just comedy, it's that everybody is attacking everybody. Everyone is using everyone else to pretend to be angry so they can get a little attention for themselves. There has been a decent amount of pushback on it but I think the difference now is that everybody in the audience is performing as well. It's like you have a guy on stage and then people in the audience are performing pretending they're upset or they are going on social media pretending they are upset. It has died down a little but that is the reason for it, everybody is their own corporation now. So, people are trying to get some credibility by acting like I am upset publicly, will people come and give me some attention? Everybody has got a voice which is fine, everyone wants to let everyone else know how hurt they are. It is not just comedy, it's kind of everywhere is being affected by it."

Lou: You know what, I'm not OK with it! It used to be special to have a show, now everyone has a f------- show and it doesn't mean anything! 

Jim: "I know man it really is, it's like I have a podcast, nobody cares what anybody is doing! It's almost like everybody is just standing in a line broadcasting to each other, it really is crazy. Everyone is broadcasting to left and right. You're not standing there talking to a group of people, it is like standing in a crowd talking to the guy next to you and some people rise above." 

Be sure to check the Ridgefield Playhouse website to see if any last minute tickets are available for Norton's gig tomorrow night (2/23/24).

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You can listen to the entire Jim Norton interview below. We also talked with Jim about adult entertainment in Germany, Andrew Dice Clay and Jim's advice for anyone who wants to get into standup comedy,

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