Recently I received an email from the infamous Ashley Madison (not bragging).

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Ashley Madison sent a press release to promote their new study. The e-mail was concerning the new terms they've added to their Discreet Dictionary. These are the trending terms for non monogamous daters in 2023.

1.    Piquing - The inability to shake a newfound interest in non-monogamy
2.    Excelling - To use a spreadsheet to organize and vet potential outside partners
3.    Double Dipping - To go back to a one-night stand
4.    Bi-ghostal - Describes a person who regularly ghosts their long-distance partners
5.    Meta-bonding - To create loving bonds with more than one person
6.    Leveling Up - To move from one stage of non-monogamy to the next (e.g. swinging to open marriage to polyamory)
7.    Double Clicking - To look up a potential connection before meeting in person
8.    Outsourcing - To seek emotional, sexual, and/or romantic fulfillment from someone other than a primary partner
9.    Going Rogue - Specific to those in open relationships; to look for or meet up with an outside partner the primary partner doesn't know about
10. Sampling - To try new kinks
11. Gathering - To search for and find a non-monogamous community
12. Radius - A network of romantic connections that spans a long distance
13. Monogamy Flex - The ability to have successful monogamous and non-monogamous relationships
14. Branching Out - To try non-monogamy for the first time
15. Multiplayer - Someone who is exclusively non-monogamous
We have a very corporate reputation in the Nutmeg State so "Excelling" has got to be the most popular term in CT. Nothing says intimacy like spreadsheets. I'd choose "Sampling" as a close second because we are known as trailblazers.
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We talked about this on the Tuesday (4/4/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and Ridgefield took center stage. Is Ridgefield a thirsty community?

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I could not believe the volume of texts messages we received on this. People were texting the I-95 Rock Mobile app like crazy to talk about swinging. These are just a few of my favorites:

Johnny - My first wife was into swinging, she just forgot to invite me.

Phatty - The first rule about being a swinger club, don’t talk about being a swinger club.

Anita - When I worked at Teddy's….OMG, constantly getting recruited by not only husbands but WIVES TOO….begging to bring me home to their husbands.

But, the most knowledgeable listener seemed to be "The Duck Man." Not only did this individual know about these terms already but he shared others with us like "ticket" "stage" and "vixen." These were the definitions he gave us.

Ticket. That’s a woman who goes with a guy to a party. Single women will always be welcome but a single guy may need a ticket to get into an event.

Stag and Vixen. The Stag takes his wife to a party so the vixen can have all the men she wants.

You can learn something new everyday on the I-95 Morning Show.

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Photo: Aurora Photography


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