Newtown made their views on tolls crystal clear.

The Governor's plan is to build overhead tolling on Interstate 84's Rochambeau Bridge and both Newtown's republican and democratic lawmakers won't hear of it. A bipartisan resolution was passed opposing Lamont's plan for 12 bridge tolls for big trucks according to an article on

Selectman Dan Rosenthal is concerned that medium and large-size trucks along with commercial big rigs will try to avoid the $6 to $13 tolls by traveling down Newtown's local roads tarnishing the town's New England vibe. Rosenthal told,

We don't want Newtown's quality of life to suffer because we are one of only 12 communities that have a toll.

The truck tolls are a part of a 10 year, $19 billion transportation improvement plan that's expected to generate $150 million per year. If you live in Newtown and are concerned about how Governor Lamont's transportation plan might affect Newtown, check out the public forum planned for Friday in Hartford. Votes could be counted by both the Senate and House early next week.

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