The State of New York has least family-owned businesses in America.

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A study published by Small Business Trends and conducted by On Deck shows that 20.4% of the businesses in the Empire State are family-owned, and that is the lowest in the nation. CT had a poor family-owned business share as well, with 22.2% of the state's businesses being run by mom and pop.

What state has more family-run businesses than any other in America? That distinction is owned by South Dakota, which has a 43% share. Other states that performed well were Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma and Iowa.

The study findings were a result of analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Business survey. Other findings include published by Small Business Trends include:

"The 500 biggest family-owned businesses in the world collectively generate over $7 trillion in revenues every year. Of course, most family-owned businesses are much smaller and are not generating billions and trillions. However, while their revenues might not be up there with the 500 largest family businesses across the globe, family businesses often thrive in their own bubble thanks to their pride and a personal connection with their local community."

The Tri-State area is in a bad spot altogether. Not only were New York and CT not found to be a great place for family-run business, New Jersey was near the bottom as well with a 21.9% share.

Some might say, well they didn't say these states were bad places to own a family business, there are just less of them. I'd argue that if New York, CT and New Jersey were "good places" for a family biz, there would be more of them.

I also have personal experiences with this, I have family members who own businesses in Putnam County, and I know that the system there is not setup for success. Or, at least there is a lot working against small business in the Tri-State from a tax and liability standpoint.

I go out of my way to defend the Northeast but there is a lot working against me with that, and this is one of those things. Between the weather, state income tax and cost of living, we are losing good residents everyday to Florida, Florid you say?

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