Who knew it would ever come to this?

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The CT State Department of Public Health urges all Connecticut residents to limit all non-essential trips outside the home from 10 pm to 5 am, beginning on Friday, November 6, at 12 am due to a rise in COVID-19 cases.

After Governor Lamont announced on his Twitter feed, the comments came rolling in, and believe it or not, the sarcasm and snarky remarks followed. Here are just a few examples.

"Ah yes, look at this soft curfew, what a joke!"

"Is COVID afraid of the dark?"

"I'm so glad that COVID knows it has to stay home at those times, Phew!"

"It's time to move"

"This has to be the most riduculous I've ever heard!"


According to a press release issued by the Connecticut Department of Health, the advisory was put into effect to reduce the risk of further viral transmission. The exceptions are essential workers who need to leave their homes to get to their job. Also exempt are residents who need to leave their homes for an emergency.

The state is also asking residents to dial down their Thanksgiving celebrations to a maximum of 10 people or less. It's also conceivable that the same will hold for the Christmas holiday as well. Health officials predict that the spread of COVID-19 will worsen as winter approaches before it gets better. Currently, there are 68 red alert towns in Connecticut. Will you do your part to help slow down the spread of the virus, or do you think this 'health advisory' is ridiculous?

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