It all began when Franco DeRose lost his job after 20 years at NBC Sports because of the pandemic. It just so happens that he comes from a long line of pizza owners, making it easier to transition into the family business.

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After operating a pizza truck over the summer, he came across a vacant storefront in Brookfield and it became clear what his next adventure was going to be. Franco and his wife, Ana, opened up their own pizzeria called Andiamo Wood-Fired Pizza at 14 Candlewood Lake Road.

Andiamos Pizza - Courtesy Andiamos FBB Page...
Andiamo Pizza - Courtesy Andiamos FB Page...

During an interview with Hearst Connecticut Media, Franco made it clear that he features New York-style slices, but he also said there's a twist,

We wanted to bring, obviously, the New York style, but we made it a little different because it's New York-style and wood-fired. So, it's a little different. We are not the traditional New Haven-style pizza.

What does different actually mean? How about a bacon, egg, and cheese pie or an apple pie and Nutella pizza? He's also cooking up prepared meals to go when you don't have time to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking dinner for the family.

Because Franco's aware that time is a valuable commodity to his patrons, his wood-fired ovens will allow Andiamos to serve his customer's pizza within minutes after the order goes in. For online ordering, directions, or delivery information, click this link.

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