Many of us remember when Mr. Deeds came to town, we remember when Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Letterman strolled down Bank Street, and when Wes Craven used the Boardman Bridge for a location in one of his horror films.

Maybe the "San Man" said hi to you, or you served Winona Ryder eggs or you were lucky enough to actually appear in Mr. Deeds, like so many New Milford residents ended up being. Whatever your story was, you have to admit that it was pretty cool to be around for it. But as quick as it came, it seemed to go away. No one really seems to shoot anything in New Milford anymore, since that tax break went away in Connecticut.

The New Milford Film Commission is looking to change all that and bring the excitement of Hollywood projects back to town by creating some new initiatives to lure Tinseltown back.

They are starting a new database that will allow film and TV execs to connect and will have mixers where they can meet in person. The Commission also wants to lend support to film students in the area.

I'm down, let's go! I've also been doing some acting, not bragging, but yeah, I'm good. Everyone knows I have a huge list of TV show/film ideas ready to go. In fact, a new one just came to me: Snakes On a Plane 2.

Plane crashes on Bank Street, Samuel L. Jackson leads the passengers out to the street to escape the snakes. Of course, this does not work and the snakes run wild through New Milford, continually killing characters we don't care about, who are wearing fanny packs. Finally, Sam stops, looks to the sky and screams "I'm sick of these M----- F----- Snakes on this M----- F----- Bank Street!"

P.S. - "The San Man" DID say hi to me when he was here for Mr. Deeds. He called me "College Boy." It was kind of a big deal. People know the story.

Also, don't forget about my genius movie idea about James Hetfield and morning radio:

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