There's a saying I like to live by, and that's "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome." That is exactly what some students from the Sarah Noble Intermediate School just did.

Here's what happened; the school had ordered 1,000 carnations for their yearly flower grams that were suppose to be handed out in the school during the week. Since all schools are now closed, and the company would not allow them to cancel their order, they had to come up with something to do with all the carnations.

According to a social media post from the SNIS PTO, they decided to think outside the box to solve this situation.

Now, the concept behind the flower grams is to spread kindness and to think of others, so with that, the students and the PTO decided to share the flowers throughout the town of New Milford, so

In one day, the kids hit the streets and were able to donate some kindness in the way of carnations to the New Milford Fire Departments, New Milford Ambulance, The New Milford Police Department, New Milford Social Services, Candlewood Pediatrics, plus some of the downtown business's that are still open, and they even brought some to the Mayor's Office.

Sarah Noble School Facebook Image
Sarah Noble School Facebook Image

Needless to say, everyone who got a special delivery was not only surprised, but very thankful and appreciative. Any money that was collected from the fundraiser will be used to buy more flowers when school finally re-opens so the students can deliver them to each other, which was the original plan.

By the way, each batch of carnations that were delivered included this message:

On behalf of the Sarah Noble Intermediate School PTO, we would like to gift you these carnations.

We hope these flowers bring you a smile, or brighten your day.

Thank you for everything you do.

So, nice job overcoming a tough situation and turning it into something positive. A good lesson for the students, and for all us us as well in these uncertain times.

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