Smack, H, tar, snow, junk, all slang terms for the deadly drug, heroin, which never seems to go away.

New Milford Police have always done an exemplary job trying to keep buyers and sellers of opioids out of their town, and they did just that during a routine traffic stop at 1:27 am this past Thursday morning according to the News Times. A car with three men inside was pulled over for speeding on Bridgewater Road, and it just so happened that the officers had 8 year old police dog, Kira, on board who's an expert in sniffing out drugs. Kira uncovered 100 baggies of heroin inside the vehicle. Busted!  Police Lt. Larry Ash told the News Times that every police officer is hyper focused on battling the opioid epidemic:

Officers are very proactive about trying to catch people bringing heroin into our town.

New Milford has upped its game in the fight against opioids over the last couple of years. All of the towns first responders carry naloxone which is an antidote used for an opioid overdose. The town has also added unmarked police cars to handle routine traffic stops which helps to cut down on drug trafficking.

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