New Milford Mayor Pete Bass joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Friday (3/25/22).

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We covered a variety of subjects but there was one in particular I'd been thinking a lot about recently and that was drugs. On the heels of a number of drug busts in the Greater Danbury area, we asked the Mayor if New Milford was coordinating with Danbury and other local towns. The Mayor responded by saying:

"That's a good question, I know Chief Cerruto and the men and women here in New Milford Police Department have been working with the Connecticut State Narcotics Task Force and I know Danbury does as well."

Next, the Mayor used the opportunity to extend a message to any drug dealers in the local area saying:

"I know at least here in New Milford, we have zero tolerance for people selling illegal drugs up here. And, we're going to do whatever we can, if you are doing that, you're going to get caught and we're going to do what we can to make sure you serve time."

We know how hard the opioid crisis hit New Milford, and we said as much to Mayor Bass, he replied:

"You know, another thing we told our residents here is, you know when we're addressing the opioid crisis, which is a crisis nationally, there is the enforcement arm of it, and there is also, we were first in the state to hire a community navigator who is really housed in the police department but he's not an officer. But, he's boots on the ground to get people services immediately. We've seen our overdoses down about 50% here in New Milford when we address it this way. And, we're letting people know that, we know that if you are addicted, we're going to do what we can to help you."

I love this Mayor! On the one hand, he can understand the pain addiction causes, and on the other, he's going full Wyatt Earp on the dealers.

If you want to hear our discussion with Pete Bass, just click the audio player below.

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