New Fairfield officials have said, "We do not condone or tolerate the offensive items as they have been described to us."

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CT Insider reports that a New Fairfield firefighter has been suspended for allegedly posting "inappropriate and offensive items" on social media. First Selectman Pat Del Monaco and Selectman Khris Hall told the Newstimes,

I support our fire department completely, but this type of video - with its offensive content - is something we can't tolerate. All of our residents deserve to be treated with respect.

New Fairfield town officials will not be releasing the individual's name, but the fire department is conducting its own investigation. They took to their social media page to address the public on the investigation.

As a New Fairfield resident for the last 41 years, I'm asking, "Why?" Why aren't we better than this? Why is it so difficult that we can't look beyond someone's color, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation? Why do we need to berate individuals who aren't like you?

Have you ever asked yourself some of those same questions? To get some answers, I checked out the website, which stated there are four primary reasons why people hate others, and they are,

  1. Low self-esteem
  2. Lonely people seeking connections, even hateful ones
  3. Growing up being taught to hate
  4. Being highly insecure

Anyone with information related to the investigation, please send it to

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