While Whole Foods is the pricey national chain that most of us can only buy a few favorite items from if even that, there's a grocery store that makes it look like a dollar store for markets.

This luxury market that started in Massachusetts has valet parking and caters to the 1%.

Welcome to the store with $25 loaves of bread, $22 for a two-and-a-half pound rotisserie chicken, and the freshest of fresh food with delectable choices.  Reusable Tote bags will cost you $135 at this Instagram-worthy market home to an incredible cafe.

It's the Erewhon Market pronounced Air-Uh-Wan, and this healthfood-style grocery store is known for its wildly expensive groceries almost like a badge of honor, and is only in the Los Angeles area now.

According to the Food Republic website, this first-of-its-kind market in America was originally opened in Boston in 1966 by Michio and Avenline Kushi who immigrated from Japan focusing on macronutrients and natural foods. However, two years later they moved to the Los Angeles area as did their grocery store.

According to People Magazine, a few ownership changes later a couple named Tony and Josephine Antoci bought that LA location in 2011 and have since opened nine more.
Their tonic bar serves $17 drinks but don't worry about accidentally stumbling into one as it's a membership-only market that will run you $200 annually to join according to the Delish website.

It's truly a luxury grocery store and with that comes celebrities and the wealthy catering to LA's elite.

Here, spending $10 on pasture-raised organic large eggs is normal.

According to People Magazine, Erewhon became one of Los Angeles’s hottest spots to see and be seen after in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when the market was one of only a few places we could go.

If you feel like you have disposable income to do some online shopping at Erewhon, give it a shot.

By the way, according to Food Republic, Erewhon is named after a fictional health-conscious utopia in Samuel Butler's book "Erewhon"  which is "nowhere" spelled backward, also known as "Over the Range."

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