'Undercover Underage" is the name of a Discovery Channel Docuseries that picks up where "To Catch a Predator" left off. Roo Powell, a 38-year-old mother of three from Connecticut, poses as a 15-year-old girl in teen chat rooms to bait male online predators.

The Daily Beast reports that the docuseries will debut on the Discovery Channel, Tuesday, November 2. Roo Powell, who founded the New Haven nonprofit, Safe From Online Sex Abuse (SOSA), with the help of her team, dresses up as a 15-year-old girl and has been filming their online interactions with creepy men who believe they're interacting with underage girls.

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Powell and her team go to great lengths to assume the underage girl's identities by disguising themselves with makeup, stage lighting, wigs, and even talking with these predators from a staged bedroom.

Powell has named her character, "Flori" a high school student from Stamford with no self-esteem who lives with her single mother. Once her team is in place, and they get the "go" sign. Hundreds of messages begin to roll in, and it's time for "Flori" to reel in the perverts.

With the help of her SOSA team members, Powell works with various law enforcement officers, including Norwalk Police Department Detective Mark Suda. She pries essential information from the predators like their professions, families, and the car they drive.

What she sees and hears while talking to these revolting men is sometimes gross and disgusting must keep her game face on if she wants to record the information she needs. Does it take its toll on Roo Powell? It certainly does, and it will become evident in the first three episodes, but she soldiers on.

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