*This story has been edited to remove the names of the people involved.


On March 25, a home in Connecticut allegedly played host to a teen drinking party of 50. What could possibly go wrong?

From gametimect.com, comes the story of a private party for members of a local high school baseball team, where 50 teens were believed to be pounding beers and partying. Slowly but surely, as the evening evolved, witnesses at the party told police the party began getting out of control around 10:30 pm.

Around 10:45 pm, one of the teens discovered an unconscious 17-year-old who had fallen down a flight of stairs. When the teen, who lived in the home, found out about the injury, he called his father, who was not home at the time of the party. The father allegedly told his son not to call the police. Other witnesses told police that the injured youth was left unconscious at the bottom of the stairs for nearly an hour.

A two-month investigation was just recently completed where the local town's police interviewed over 30 individuals, which included both teens at the party and parents who had come by to pick up their kids. Police have charged the 17-year-old who lived at the residence with delivering alcohol to a minor and permitting a minor to possess alcohol, while his father was charged with interfering with an emergency call. Both father and son surrendered themselves to the police where they both posted $5,000 bond. They will both appear in court at the end of this month.

According to the investigation, teen witnesses who were interviewed told police they had been to a number of underage parties at the very same residence. What could possibly go wrong? What have we learned here? Well, for one thing, a party-goer could fall down a flight of stairs and become seriously injured. One of the teens who had been drinking could be driving home under the influence, get into an accident and kill someone, and the list goes on.

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