I have a friend who lives in Florida that I do battle with.

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He says Connecticut sucks, I know and can prove Florida sucks and we go back and forth over text taking our best shots. The following list is going to be a great resource for me to taunt my Florida friend.

I was cruising through the CT Reddit page recently and saw a post titled: "A gift that's unapologetically CT?" The user LapisLazuli22 had this to say in the description:

"So my remote work colleagues started a game of tag where we send a coworker an inexpensive item or two from the state we live in. The rules say "something that is unapologetically from your state". The only problem is I don't think they'll appreciate my tax bill. What else screams CT?"

Some of the answers were really creative, others were predictable but they were all pretty fun. Here are some of my favorite suggestions:

Askeletonpilotsme: "UCONN merch"

mcauliffetj: "what is more unapologetically CT than some whalers merch! a hockey team that hasn't existed in CT for 26 years but probably sells more merch than our present tense teams."

CorvusFerrum: "A coffee table book of landscapes with VEO tags on them."

howl_at_the_mood: "Wiffle ball"

Conscious-Art2765: "Salmon colored shorts."

EleanorTrashBag: "You can overnight a frozen pizza from New Haven, but that's like $42 before shipping these days."

pharmguy88: "Warm buttered lobster roll"

Funke-Munke: "A Big D with cheese"

yuuuge_butts: "Send them a property and use tax bill. That's about as Connecticut as it gets."

MorningNo1019: "Buy something pertaining to NYC and MASS, and put something cheap from CT in between the two."

abuyak93: "Some gravel and dirt from inside a pothole"

FekinEEEjit: "Exert dominance, send them a CT made Pratt and Whitney jet engine! If ur havin a tough time finding one, I know a guy...."

My favorite is the coffee table book with VEO tags. If you don't get that joke you are walking blindly through life in Connecticut.

P.S. My Florida friend is definetly getting a Whalers shirt. He'll hate that it's from Connecticut but it's way to cool a shirt for him to avoid wearing it. It will make him miserable every time he sees it.

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