Tragic news to report this morning, as a local man was reportedly killed after being struck by a falling tree in the roadway during Tuesday's storm (August 4).

According to the Naugatuck Police Department, a 66-year-old borough resident had been traveling in the area of Andre Mountain Road and Red Maple Court around 3:34 PM when he reportedly exited his vehicle in an attempt to move some branches that had fallen onto the roadway during Tuesday afternoon's severe weather.

Police say that while the unidentified man was moving the branches that had been knocked down during the tropical storm, a tree came crashing down, striking the poor man who was simply trying to perform a good deed.

After first responders arrived, the Naugatuck man was pronounced dead at the scene.

As of this writing, the Naugatuck Police Deparment says that the man's name is being withheld while they notify all of his next of kin.

This man and his loved ones are in our hearts this morning, as are all that have been affected by Tuesday afternoon's storm. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we receive more information.

Here are a few more local stories stemming from our area's run-in with Tropical Storm Isaias:

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