Is it an alien thingamabob or maybe some kind of war relic?

According to, a strange metal object that has been lying on the ocean's floor about 10 feet offshore on a Westerly Rhode Island beach has been successfully removed.

This bizarre creature had eight metal legs which originated from a base on top of the object. Speculation has been ongoing since it was seen in the water last month. An excavator successfully freed the object from the ocean floor but no one has a clue as to what this thing might be. Some say it's some sort of oceanographic equipment, but until a 'thingamabob expert' examines it thoroughly, the mystery remains, which goes to show that we humans are nosy sons-of-bitches.

So, what could it possibly be? Maybe it's some sort of handmade ceremonial fishing God from a past civilization. How about a lost movie set prop from the movie 'E.T.' It could be a finished project from a lonely beach wanderer. Why was it sitting on the ocean bottom 10 feet from shore and who put it there? What do you think it is?

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