Should auld acquaintance be forgot but classic rockers always remembered...

As we log another year in rock into the history books it's time to think about what 2018 will bring. Here are the ten moments I'd love to see happen in the coming year. After you check out my list be sure to give us your top ten classic rock wish list. You can do it in the comment section below or through i95's Facebook page.

O.K. No more delaying, the clock is ticking and midnight is coming soon!

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    Bon Jovi Plays All Of 'New Jersey' Live With Richie Sambora Back In The Lineup

    Bon Jovi is not only entering the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in April but the band's longtime guitarist Richie Sambora has gone on record saying he will perform with the band that night. So why not rejoin the band for a full tour Richie? While you're at it, talk Jon into playing all of my personal favorite album 'Bon Jovi' from start to finish? After all, the album turns 30 this year. Strike while the iron his hot!

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    The Freddie Mercury/Queen Movie Lives Up To Its Hype

    The movie on the life of Freddie Mercury and his band Queen has been in the works for years now. Sacha Baron Cohen was to play Freddie as far back as 2010 before he was replaced. I can even remember reading back in December of 2012 about Kristen Stewart, Katie Perry and Lady Gaga fighting over a role in the movie.

    Since then it's been a turbulent ride with directors coming and going as well as actors. Right now it's Rami Malek who has the role of Freddie and the movie is set to be released in December of 2018. Boy I hope it's worth the wait. I will remain optimistic.

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    Phil Collins Rejoins Genesis

    One of the best stories of 2017 was the return of Phil Collins. After battles with physical ailments he finally returned to perform live. To see Phil rejoin his bandmates Tony Collins and Mike Rutherford in Genesis would be icing on the cake. Even it for just one show or even one new song it would be a great way to cap off his return.

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    The Cars Go On Tour

    The Cars are finally getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in April and plan on performing at the ceremonies. The Cars are among my favorite bands but I've never seen them perform live. Singer Ric Ocasek is not a big fan of touring but man would it be cool if he changed his mind. Their comeback album 'Move Like This' in 2011 was stellar despite the absence of the late great bassist/vocalist Benjam Orr. This band can still fire on all cylinders so fire up those engines one more time!

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    Ace Frehley Rejoins KISS

    My man Large Dave recently posted a blog remembering the night Ace Frehley joined Peter Criss on stage in Danbury back in 1995. It got me thinking about how amazing Ace is looking and sounding these days. It turns out that when he's clean and sober he is a musical machine. His last three albums 'Anomaly' (2009), 'Space Invader' (2014) and 'Origins, Vol. 1' (2016) prove he still has the chops and he's been touring regularly along the way.

    Peter Criss has admitted he wouldn't be up for a full tour these days. He just recently played what he called his very last show before calling it a career. At 72 it just ain't happenin' but with Ace? That's a different story. I say put Ace back where he belongs and that is in his classic Space Man suit!

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    Brian Johnson Returns To AC/DC

    Singer Brian Johnson had to bow out of the band's world tour in early 2016 due to hearing issues leaving an opening for Axl Rose who filled in admirably. Since their tour with Axl ended AC/DC has remained silent about their future plans. Losing their founding member Malcolm Young in November didn't help matters any either.

    There hasn't been any indication that Johnson can ever go on tour again although he did make a surprise appearance at The Reading Music Festival in August to sing "Back In Black' with the band Muse. To see Brian "Back" in AC/DC seems like a long shot but he sure does deserve at least one last show with the band. He put in his time - over 35 years - and wore the AC/DC badge with honor all the way through.

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    Steve Perry Rejoins Journey

    Journey's 2017 began on a high note that rivaled any power ballad they've performed when they entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in April. To fans delight their beloved long-time singer Steve Perry decided to show up for the ceremonies. He was even filmed having a harmonious moment with the band's current singer Arnel Pineda backstage. All seemed good on the Journey front until things took a turn for the worse. Guitarist Neal Schon has hinted at forming a whole new Journey lineup due to disagreements with former members over their religious beliefs, the direction of new music and a visit to the White House that wasn't given the "O.K." by Schon. Could this be Steve Perry's opportune time to rejoin the fold? Let me know if it happens Neal and Steve, I'm ready to buy my ticket.

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    Pink Floyd With Roger Waters Goes On Tour

    David Gilmour and Roger Waters were very active in 2017 with solo projects and tours and haven't lost anything on their fast balls. They still got the skills folks.

    Unfortunately Richard Wright is no longer with us but drummer Nick Mason has said he's standing by and always ready for a reunion. Only problem is that Roger and David just can't get along for more than a few minutes before the expletives fly.

    You would think that if anybody knows the value of time it would be these guys: "Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day. You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way." Stop the frittering, don't waste any more hours in an offhand way guys, we wanna see you back together again!

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    Led Zeppelin Goes On Tour

    Did you happen to see and hear how awesome Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham sound back in December of 2007? Go to YouTube and search "Led Zeppelin Celebration Day 2017" if you haven't. I know it's been 10 years but these guys can still pull off the reunion tour we've all been wanting.

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    Van Halen Celebrates 40 Years With The Original Lineup

    In February the 1978 debut album by Van Halen turns 40. If there was ever a time to get the original four members of Van Halen back together again it's 2018. Get David Lee Roth, Edward Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and bassist Michael Anthony on stage for a full-blown 40th anniversary celebration tour and you've got something extra special for us loyal VH fans. Edward's son Wolfgang has a new solo album coming out so it makes even more sense. Edward can have his son get the opening slot before rock and roll's fantastic four hits the stage for some four-on-the-floor rock and roll!

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